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Frequently Asked Questions

What are modular pools?

Modular pools are a type of above-ground pool that is composed of modular sections that fit together to create a finished product. They are typically made from fibreglass or other composite materials and can be customised to a variety of shapes and sizes, and are usually manufactured as kits that can be assembled by the homeowner, or by a professional.


Why choose modular pools?

When compared to traditional pools, modular pools are much easier and less expensive to install. You can have a modular pool up and running in a matter of days, whereas an in-ground pool can take weeks, or even months, to install. They are also less likely to leak, which can save you money on your water bill.

Modular pools are also much easier to maintain. There are no cracks or crevices for dirt and debris to collect in, so you won't have to spend hours cleaning your pool. And, if repairs are ever needed, you can simply remove the affected module and replace it with a new one.

If safety is a priority, modular pools are an easy choice as they’re much safer than traditional in-ground pools. Because there is no deep end, they eliminate the risk of drowning. And, modular pools are much more attractive than traditional in-ground pools. They come in a variety of colours and styles, so you can find one that perfectly complements your home.


How long do modular pools last?

On average, modular pools last around 10 to 15 years. However, this lifespan can be increased or decreased depending on a number of factors, such as how well the pool is maintained, the quality of the materials used, and the climate. 

In general, modular pools made with high-quality materials and properly maintained can last 20 years or more. To extend the lifespan of your modular pool, be sure to regularly clean and vacuum the pool, check the pH levels of the water, and winterise the pool properly.


What shapes are modular pools available in? 

There are a variety of shapes that modular pools are available in including rectangular, square, L-shaped, and oval, however, the availability of these shapes may vary. You can choose the option that best fits your backyard space and needs.


How big are modular pools?

There is no one answer to this question as modular pools come in a variety of sizes. However, most modular pools are large enough to accommodate a variety of activities, including swimming, diving, and water sports. Some modular pools are even large enough to be used as commercial swimming pools. It's best to measure the area you have available for a pool and then consult with a pool company that will be installing it to see what size would best meet your needs.


What type of water is used in modular pools?

Modular pools can be filled with any type of water, although most people choose to use fresh water. Some people opt to use salt water, but this can corrode the metal parts of the pool over time. Mineral water is also an option, but it can be difficult to find a source of high-quality mineral water that is suitable for swimming. If you are considering any type of water other than freshwater, be sure to consult with a pool professional to ensure that your pool will be compatible.

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